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What is the difference between GutPro™ Capsules and GutPro™ Powder?

GutProTM Powder and GutProTM Capsules contain the same formula: the same strains in the same ratios.

The GutProTM Capsules contain cellulose and L-leucine, which is required to keep the powder in capsule form.  GutProTM Capsules has 5 billion CFUs per capsule, allowing for easy titration of doses.  The GutProTM Powder does not contain any additional ingredients at all.  

The powder contains 6 trillion CFUs per bottle; the capsules contain 600 billion CFUs per bottle.  In other words, one bottle of GutPro™ Powder is the equivalent to 10 bottles of GutProTM Capsules.  Although the powder costs more upfront, it is much more economical in the long run.

For families all using the same probiotic, we recommend GutPro PowderTM as you can easily individualize the doses with the GutProTM Spoons.


This article applies to: GutProTM Powder, GutProTM Capsules

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