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How do I store Ratfish Liver Oil?

Of all the edible oils, Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ is one of the most stable. Nevertheless, proper storage is critical in conserving the oil’s nutritional properties. Light accelerates the rate of oxidation. For this reason, our oils are packaged in small dark glass bottles. These are best stored in a cool, dark, dry place, away from direct sources of heat, sunlight etc.

The bottle should be immediately recapped after each use.

Opened bottles should always be stored in temperatures below 4-6 degrees Celcius (39-43 degrees Fahrenheit).

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ might be stored in freezing conditions for long time storage. It should then be gently shaken before use.

Avoid any contact with the glass dropper. (Skin contact may cause degradation of the antioxidants).


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