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My probiotic arrived warm/hot. Is it okay?

All of our probiotics are freeze-dried, highly stable and at full potency when they arrive at their destination.  

If you ordered a cold pack, it has helped to buffer the heat in the parcel for the first 24 to 36 hours of shipping.  Because probiotics can be sensitive to handling, transportation, and storage, the product has undergone independent laboratory analysis for verification of stated potency (in both it’s raw and finished form).  The probiotic was tested in a variety of conditions and temperatures and is both highly stable and potent in the time it takes to reach it’s destination and for one full year from the date of it’s production.  As an extra measure, we routinely include a higher number of CFU’s (organisms) in each bottle than is stated on the label to account for any potential and minimal degradation that might occur during shipping.

Note:  freeze-dried organisms behave very differently than "live cultures" and are in a state of suspended animation.  This means the organisms are inactive until they come in contact with moisture.  The freeze-dried organisms are sealed in an amber glass, non-permeable bottle to protect against moisture during shipping and for extended use and storage.  During the 2 day, expedited shipping the product has shown no decline in activity even after the product arrived warm and sometimes, even hot.  

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